Chris Martin

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With decades of considerable experience in sales and marketing from different industries, Chris has been successful at providing guidance, services, and solutions that business owners and managers need to control risk exposures.

While Chris has clients from across many industries, he specializes in offering complex risk management solutions to companies involved in the cannabis, CBD, contracting, food production, product manufacturing, and technology industries.

Chris operates his brokerage team by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” As part of this endeavor, he keeps his agents updated on new programs and changes in the industry, and he is always working hard to make them feel like they're his only client. Chris also utilizes his long-term, solid relationships with underwriters to help his agents get results that other brokers can't provide.

In his free time, Chris enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with his young son, and reading.

PHONE — 801.642.2406