Chris Taylor

Recent Solutions

Airsoft Facility


$5,135/ GL

Baseball Bat Mfg


$13,000/ GL, Prop, & $5M XS

Tree Stand Mfg


$11,911 / GL

CBD – Topical


$2,500 / GL

Chris Taylor is a Wholesale Commercial Broker who provides retail agents access to exclusive in-house programs and "A rated" carriers specializing in product liability, general liability, and professional liability.

Chris has established an effective quote to bind process that facilitates strong relationships with his agents. This process fosters effective communication, fast turnaround times, and product knowledge.

Chris is experienced in binding hard-to-place risks. He has successfully placed commercial risks including CBD manufacturers, Contractors, Outdoor & Recreation outfitters, and many others.

To ensure his retail agents are getting the most accurate information possible, Chris stays up-to-date with industry-related trends, changes, and carrier appetites.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Radford University where he held many leadership positions within a variety of clubs and organizations.

PHONE — 385-498-3292