Product Pack

When it comes to franchise and association programs, Veracity is the right partner for you.

We have the knowledge base to assist you in creating, implementing, and managing customized programs to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Utilizing Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs), we can tailor competitive insurance products and provide an efficient distribution system to manage and promote your program. Because we are licensed in all 50 states, we can write programs on a regional or national basis.

Our program management services can be tailored to your needs; we can provide a bundled package or customize a set of functions specific to your requirements.

Whether you’re looking to create, replace or group, an association or franchise program, we are a partner that can find solutions for you.

Services & Highlights

  • Master Policies
  • Placement in Markets
  • RPG Setup & Management
  • Underwriting & Policy Issuance